Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Short notes on Fritz Lang's Metropolis

(These again are from college. Just some general notes. I hope to revisit Metropolis in format again soon.)

1. Fritz Lang uses colors to show the difference between the elite and worker classes. The elite wear white colors, showing ignorance and being carefree, while the workers wear dark clothes, as if tarnished by their conditions.
            2. There is a symmetry in the worker's space, showing how their area is controlled and even. The elite have great big spaces, with less symmetry to show they are more in control of what they can do.
            3. The elite have areas full of nature, like The Eternal Gardens that they can enter. The workers don't have any hint of nature around them.
            The motif of hands is seen many times. The part where the children were being shown the Garden by Maria, they grab up to her as if she is some divine being. This sets up that she is an important figure. There is also a whole symbolism of the hands touching the heart. If someone's hand is touching their heart in the film, it means they want peace.

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